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Ben Wood, chair of the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education (NATRE), said he thought “Ultimately, I think you have to be a classroom teacher. It actually undermines the teaching profession to assume that people who are not qualified teachers are able to mark exam paper

took an exam, their expectation was that markers were “experienced, serious teachers”. With confidence already “quite rocky”, due to what happened with the exams last summer, she thinks it is vital young people and their parents feel they can rely on the exam-marking process. “I’d go so far as to say I think it would be a mistake for them [AQA] to go ahead with it.” Ofqual, the exams regulator, said exam boards must ensure markers were competent. “What matters most is that markers are conscientious and follow the exam board’s mark schemes,” a spokesperson said. “Students can ask for the marking of their paper to be reviewed if they believe an error has been made.” In response to the criticisms, a spokesperson for AQA said the pilot would in no way disadvantage this year’s students or affect the accuracy of their results. How can you design fair, yet challenging, exams that accurately gauge student learning? Here are some general guidelines. There are also many resources, in print and on the web, that offer strategies for designing particular kinds of exams, such as multiple-choice. Choose appropriate item types for your objectives. Guide 2 Passing  Should you assign essay questions on your exams? Problem sets? Multiple-choice questions? It depends on your learning objectives. For example, if you want students to articulate or justify an economic argument, then multiple-choice questions are a poor choice because they do not require students to articulate anything. However, multiple-choice questions (if well-constructed) might effectively assess students’ ability to recognize a logical economic argument or to distinguish it from an illogical one. If your goal is for students to match technical terms to their definitions, essay questions may not be as efficient a means of assessment as a simple matching task. There is no single best type of exam question: the important thing is that the questions reflect your learning objectives. Highlight how the exam aligns with course objectives. Identify which course objectives the exam addresses (e.g., “This exam assesses your ability to use sociological terminology appropriately, and to apply the principles we have learned in the course to date”). This helps students see how the components of the course align, Exam Dumps reassures them about their ability to perform well (assuming they have done the required work), and activates relevant experiences and knowledge from earlier in the course. Write instructions that are clear, explicit, and unambiguous. Make sure that students know exactly what you want them to do.


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