I work as an Aerocity escort out of my own volition

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I am Deepa, a 28-year-old mature housewife living happily with my husband and two kids in a society in Delhi.

I am beautiful and sexy and I am not boosting at all as men start to savor my sexy body whenever I am outdoors. On the outside, I am a perfect wife for my husband and kids but I am like a wild tigress in bed when I am playing the role of a popular Aerocity escort during the daytime. 

I work as an Aerocity escort out of my own volition

At the outset, I would like to clarify why I am working as a hot and sexy

Escort in AerocityI have no issues with my married life as I have got a loving and very caring husband. However, I am not able to get satisfaction from my sexual desires with Ajay, my husband. Also, his salary is not big enough to allow me to indulge in the luxuries of life. So I decided to work as an escort as it gives me a chance to party with men and at the same time earn a good amount of money by working for just a few hours.

I chose Aerocity as my area of operations because it is located close to Delhi near the IGI Airport and visited by large numbers of tourists including Indians and foreigners. These men crave the romantic company of a beautiful woman and I fulfill their requirements very easily.

My family does not know that I am an Aerocity Escorts

I know that it is impossible to maintain a healthy relationship with your husband if you tell him openly that you want to have fun with other men in exchange for money. So I decided to hide this fact from my family. I told Ajay that I have got a job in an office in Aerocity.

This way I don’t have to speak lies all the time when I am not at home with my kids. In any case, both of them go to school during the daytime and I have arranged for a maid at home to look after them when they are back home after school. Once my husband and kids leave home in the morning, I am ready with all the makeup and sexy outfits to meet my clients waiting for me in a hotel in Aerocity.

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