Be a leader not an enforcer.

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Having a dog at your home does not makes you a good dog parent but dog who respects you, protects you, care about your well-being, sees you as their true master makes you a true parent. Such things can’t be enforced upon them but can be taught through a series of technical approach. Thus, the need of a dog consultant is absolute in our society.

The dog listener consultancy is a locally owned and operated company that provides you with a very adept and efficient trainer that helps your pet to understand you and makes a bridge that connects both your emotions. Unlike others we don’t us such drastic approach of harsh punishment and atrocious behavior towards your dog but we are much patient and positive reinforcement so, that your dog happily accepts our teaching and improves his behavior without any hesitance. With the presence of one of the best consultant Ricky Yeo the things become much exciting and the training becomes more effective. His methods of training is unique and efficient because he is not only AVA accredited trainer but also served on the AVA’s panel for a significant number of years. We focus on each and every problem of your pet so we too have health and nutrition consultant, home consultations, workshop and events scheduled for rehabilitation, training classed in facilitated grounds, a platform for online shopping for your pet and the list goes on and on.

We too have an online portal that is easy to use and provides all the necessary information about our services and enables you to book your appointment in one click 0of your cell. Now avail the best dog training in Singapore. For more information, please contact us online at