Animal Trapping and Removal Service Cairns

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Animal Trapping and Removal Service Cairns, Animal Trapping and Removal Service Cairns


It seems like you're referring to a service offered by "QLD Wildlife Solutions" for scrub turkey removal in Cairns. While I can provide general information about scrub turkeys and their removal, please note that I don't have specific details about the services or pricing of QLD Wildlife Solutions. I recommend contacting them directly for accurate and up-to-date information.


Scrub turkeys, also known as Australian brush turkeys or bush turkeys, are native birds found in various parts of Australia, including Cairns in Queensland. They are known for their large mound nests and can sometimes cause issues in urban areas, such as digging up gardens or damaging property.


If you're experiencing problems with scrub turkeys and want them removed from your property, it's important to consult with professionals who specialize in wildlife removal. Services like QLD Wildlife Solutions likely offer humane methods to manage and relocate scrub turkeys in accordance with local regulations.


To get more information about their services, pricing, and availability, you can reach out to QLD Wildlife Solutions directly. They should be able to provide you with details specific to their Cape York Spotter Catcher. You can check their website, search for their contact information online, or inquire at local wildlife management agencies for recommendations.