This Is How You Find The Right Frames For Your Face!

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Finding the right frames for your face can be a daunting task. However, with a wide pool of options available, the best frames for high prescription, whether it be for men, women, or kids, can be easily found. From traditional eyeglasses to modern, fashionable custom glasses frames there are so many styles and shapes to choose from. Here’s how you can choose the right frame for yourself:

Determine Your Face Shape

The first step in finding the best designer frames is to determine your face shape. This is crucial because certain frames will complement your features better than others. There are generally seven face shapes: round, oval, square, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, triangular, and rectangular. To determine your face shape, pull your hair back and trace the outline of your face in a mirror. Compare the shape you've traced to the descriptions of the various face shapes to identify which one matches yours.

Consider Frame Materials and Colors

Frame materials play a significant role in the comfort, durability, and style of glasses. Common materials used for best frames for high prescription include titanium, stainless steel, and plastic. Titanium frames are lightweight, strong, and hypoallergenic, making them an excellent option for individuals with sensitive skin

Consider Your Prescription Strength

Rimless glasses are an excellent choice for individuals with high prescriptions because the absence of a frame minimizes the weight and thickness of the lenses. However, if your prescription is extremely high, it's important to consult with an optician or optometrist to ensure that rimless glasses are suitable for your prescription strength. They can guide you on the best lens materials and thickness options for your specific prescription.

Choose a Frame Style

Once you've determined your face shape and confirmed that rimless glasses are suitable for your prescription, you can now choose a frame style. Rimless glasses can be categorized into three main styles: fully rimless, semi-rimless, and three-piece mount frames. Fully rimless glasses have no frame around the lenses, while semi-rimless glasses have a frame only on the top portion of the lenses. Three-piece mount frames have nose pads, a bridge, and temples connected by screws.

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