Bringing the First Day at College to Life: Writing Techniques and a Model Essay

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One of the most complicated sorts of essays is a descriptive essay. This is because such an essay has to be balanced including details and all necessary content

Writing an essay can be complicated for students and laborers who have no prior experience in writing. This is because there are certain guidelines and regulations which ought to be kept while writing. Write-ups are not the same, they are different techniques and strategies to be noticed while writing an article, research document, college essay, blog, and other write-ups.

To avoid mistakes in write-ups and to attain writing skills one should hire an essay writer. Such a writer is specially trained to provide interesting write-ups related to their domain or area of specialization. These writers are sufficiently capable to understand the requirement of the instructor, manager, and scholar who has instructed someone to write. Such professional writers have good experience in writing because of which they can easily assist someone in writing.

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The best way to pick the appropriate and perfect paper writing service is to search for feedback. Through this one can have an adequate number of ideas related to the work they provide and their way of writing. This strategy is the most efficient technique to pick the right writer and avoid any mishaps.

One of the most complicated sorts of essays is a descriptive essay. This is because such an essay has to be balanced including details and all necessary content. The writer shouldn't add unnecessary content to increase its length. However, such an essay needs to be descriptive and also informative.

To have an idea about the kind of descriptive essay we provide a sample is given below.

Sample: first day at college

There are numerous memorable occasions in my life that I always remember. One of these memorable days was my first day at college. This was the day when I felt that I had completed one of my childhood wishes. Since the beginning, I have always dreamed of being a computer engineer. Gaming, graphic designing, coding, and looking at how software is being created have always been my favorite activities since childhood. I always wanted to join the software industry because of this I had to attain my college in software engineering. After effectively working hard for so many years I finally got picked for a reputable college and had the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. My first day at college was mixed with feelings and expectations for a bright future which has been one of the most memorable days of my life.

On my first day at college, I was more interested in attaining knowledge related to my course than campus tours. I wanted my professors to give a brief about the course I was signed up for. I made several friends as well on my first day at college. They were also ambitious and like me always wanted to join the field of innovation. Although a student normally becomes a little apprehensive on the first day of college this was false in my case. I was confident and happy looking forward to facing challenges.

My day started with a good nap and a healthy breakfast. My parents dropped me at college and then left for their work. All the newbies were guided towards the auditorium where we were given a little introduction and then headed towards the campus tour. As soon as the campus tour finished all the students were instructed to sit in their prospective classes. The first classes went quite well, both the professors gave a brief about the course they were going to teach in the first semester and a brief course overview. On the first day, we only had 3 classes and then we had to wait for afternoon shift transports. With few notes in my bag and little knowledge of my subject, I then headed towards my transport and set out for home.

My first day at college has always been memorable because this was the day when I finally got signed up for the course I always wanted to study. I hardly had anything to concentrate on on my first day at college yet the courses and course map seemed interesting. Meeting new mates and entering a new phase of my life were also the main reasons for my excitement.

The first day at college is always memorable for every student. It is the beginning of a new phase in one's life and new beginnings are always interesting. Having the opportunity of attaining higher education is the dream of every kid. However, because of expenses, there are only several students who avail of this opportunity. I am also one of these students which I was exceptionally excited about on my first day at college. The first day of college is confusing yet promising for a bright and effective career later on. A person should always think positively and be confident and with this thought, I went through my entire first day at college with confidence and trust.


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