Document comparison for lawyers

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Legal Document Management Software on cloud with offline access on demand. Create documents and collaborate with external parties securely

Legal DMS must include the capabilities to compare versions of contracts and legal documents. Cloud legal tech solutions provide collaboration with external users like counter parties or clients. Edits to Microsoft Word document without revision tracker enabled makes it difficult for the law firms and in-house lawyers to identify the differences between versions. When internal and external parties negotiate on the same document consolidating the changes, comments, mentions and tasks on the word document involves manual effort.

Version management and document comparison

PageLightPrime legal document management solution creates automatic versions when contents are edited by internal or external users. Changes made offline and sent to attorneys in email can be uploaded to the case folder to automatically create a new version. Comparison will cross check new versions against base version for minor formatting changes to clause changes. Output can be a new word document with changes incorporated from both versions. Users can choose to save the output as new version in the DMS.

Document comparator functionalities

PageLightPrime legal document solution is available and integrated with legal case management solution to be accessible from online and desktop.

  1. Revision readability: Version changes are marked as revisions for users to identify and accept or reject the changes
  2. Trackability: Intentional and unintentional changes are tracked and reported against the content editor name
  3. Comments: Create and track comments by multiple document collaborators
  4. Merge versions: Select multiple versions from DMS and merge into a single document

The tool is a necessity as part of compliance and governance requirements. Lawyers want to compare the final version against the base version to report on the precedent changes before sending the documents to collect electronic signature. Executed contracts must contain signed and original documents for records management. Negotiation phase in contract lifecycle management can be simplified with document comparator and KPI reporting of modified clauses.